About Vanilla Tweaks

Vanilla Tweaks is about tweaking parts of the vanilla game that we believe can be a little bit better. They're mostly subtle changes to improve the default game experience. The website includes a picker with which you can create your very own collection of tweaks to be included in your game. You pick and choose, we do the rest!

We will always have our service free for everyone, but if you wish to support us, you can do so on our Patreon.

The Team

Resource Pack Developer
Data Pack Developer

Special Thanks

We also have to thank a few people that were previously part of the team:

  • Xisumavoid – Original Creator
  • MSpaceDev – Pack development
  • Rick South – Web design
  • RockyAvalon – Pack development
  • tr33c – Pack development
  • Upperjeans – Pack development
  • Pollie – Pack development